How to Properly Introduce a New Kitten to Your Household


Introducing a new kitten into a household where there are already other pets can be challenging, but the challenge can ultimately be met with patience on the part of the pet owner. The important thing to understand about having a cat as a pet is that the older you adopt the kitten, the better since they need to spend time with their mother and littermates to learn how to get used to humans as well as what behavior is acceptable.images143

When you first bring your kitten home, don’t overwhelm him. It is natural that family members would want to welcome him and play with him, but it is better that he gets used to his new environment first before meeting other members of his new family as well as other pets. To avoid stressing the kitten further, he should meet family members one at a time. If there are young children in the family they should not be allowed to play with the kitten until they have learned to handle him properly since they may be rough with the young cat health , with tragic results. And you should also supervise any interactions they have.

The new kitten should be kept separate from other pets until they get used to each other. The new cat should be confined in a small room with the supplies that she needs, including her litter box, food and water bowls and bedding. Remember that the cat as a pet is territorial and might display aggressive behavior towards the new arrival. Once the kitten has adjusted to his new home, you can have the two cats meet but make sure you supervise them and separate them at once if the resident cat starts to display signs of aggressive behavior. With time and patience, the two cats will hopefully become used to each other.